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INTECH Products

INT69X series

Individual Stick Pack Checkweigher
(Tube Type)

It is an improved product for high precision weighing of stick pack products. It reduces the shock from packaging machine’s discharge and improves weighing accuracy. This machine can provide feedback system, which is a support system that automatically adjusts weight by sending individual weight data to packaging machine.

INT710 series

Starwheel Checkweigher
(Gross & Net Check)

Easily applicable to existing lines (No conveyor cutting required), weighing tare and net weight, and minimizing external factors affecting weighing, So it can provide high precision weighing.

INT510 series

Updown Checkweigher
(For Sachet Product)

Supports a system that automatically adjusts the weight by sending weight data to the packaging machine. It also provides infeed conveyor to spread the spacing of the sachet product, so it is possible to measure each product separately and it is possible to measure 2, 4, 6 lanes. Many products can be measured at the same time through a multi-lane checkweigher.

INT810 series

Standard Checkweigher
(For Light/Medium Weight)

10.4' display, easy to operate with touch-screen, and easy data backup with USB. High-speed and high-precision weighing is provided by the continuous weighing method.

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INTECH KOREA is a leading company in weighing technology with abundant know-how accumulated in precision weighing field for 20 years.
Based on the accumulation of technology in the past, we commercialized the star checker for the Gross & Net weight and introduced the multi-lane checkweigher.